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Smoke Screen: Why is Philip Morris supporting FDA regulation of cigarettes?
Slate  July 25, 2002
Tobacco Lights Into WHO
Legal Times  September 14, 2000
Columbia's Unlikely Advocate
Legal Times  June 26, 2000
How a tobacco company infiltrates the youth culture, no matter what that pending settlement deal may say.
Legal Times
  March 30, 1998, Monday
How slick pr, shrewd lobbying killed bill
Legal Times  July 6, 1998, Monday
Smoke and mirrors; Tobacco industry says it has no love for 'punitive tax-and-punish bill'; Cigarette companies claim to hate the latest tobacco bill, but critics say its liability shields have the industry applauding
Legal Times
  July 6, 1998, Monday

Western advertisers struggle to conquer the wild frontier; europe: the culture clash is an example of what marketing meets a post-communist country.
Los Angeles Times  June 15, 1995