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As Spaniards Lose Their Religion, Church Leaders Struggle to Hold On
The New York Times
  June 26, 2005
Spain leads country through uncharted secular territory
Miami Herald
  June 12, 2005
Rioja And Then Some
  June 6, 2005
The Spanish Influence
Art & Auction  January 2005
Trained for Terror
Time Europe  05/20/05
Spain’s Dark Past, Bright Future
The Advocate
  March 2005
Domestic violence in Spain
The Lancet  February 5, 2005

Letter From Spain
The Nation  November 29, 2004
A Vote for Honesty
The Nation
  April 5, 2004
A New Day in Madrid
The Nation
  March 21, 2004
Terror on a train. Those who lived through the Madrid train bombings share their stories of survival—and look back in sadness and disbelief at the carnage
People  March 29, 2004
Spain and terrorism: A different country, a different reaction
Chicago Tribune  April 5, 2004
A Vote for Honesty
The Nation
  April 5, 2004
Letter From Spain
The Nation
  November 29, 2004
Celebrating Three Centuries Of Prosperity and Tolerance
The Forward
  December 17, 2004
Gay marriage tops Socialist agenda
  December 19, 2004
Strong Points at a Telecom May Also Be a Weakness
The New York Times
  December 28, 2004
Liberation Lie
The American Prospect Online  February 19, 2003