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Grassroots project shines hope on Nairobi slum life
The Lancet  January 14, 2012
River Blindness Persists in Africa
Global Post  May 1, 2009
Medical missionaries deliver faith and health care in Africa
The Lancet  March 7, 2009
Bush in food aid fight with Congress
Politico  February 7, 2008
Should the World Food Program Focus on Development?
The Lancet  June 30, 2007
Starving Season: Niger
Salon  June 13, 2006
Niger's Hunger: On the edge of famine
The Washington Post  May 16, 2006
Millions in Niger facing food shortages once again
The Lancet  May 6, 2006
Watering down of EU regulations on chemicals proves power of lobbyists
The Irish Times  January 16, 2006
Louisiana looks back on a week of disaster
The Lancet  September 10, 2005
Why Did Helping Niger Take So Long?
The Lancet  September 24, 2005
South California Residents Hit Back At BP Over Pollution
The Lancet  August 13, 2005
Displacement is permanent for the Sahrawi refugees.
The Lancet  April 9, 2005
Tackling the causes of ill health in Rio's slums
The Lancet  March 12, 2005
Domestic violence in Spain
The Lancet  February 5, 2005
Old Europe’s New Ideas
Sierra Magazine  January/February 2004
E.U. Starts a Chemical Reaction
  April 18, 2003
Precaution Is for Europeans
The New York Times
  Week in Review, May 18, 2003
Profits At Any Price
TomPaine  Sep 22 2003
Diverse coalition set to back energy bill: Oil industry least visible among groups supporting drilling in Arctic refuge
The Baltimore Sun  March 20, 2002
Make Wells, Not War: A PR strategy for America
  February 22, 2002
A nation poisoned
The Economist
  December 22, 2001
Pollution often part of package deal with eastern bloc firms; environment: western investors buying interests in state-owned companies may find themselves liable for cleanup.
Los Angeles Times  August 28, 1994
Small firms slow to meet disabilities act standards
Chicago Tribune
  October 31, 1993