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US budget negotiations threaten global health spending and food aid reform
GlobalPost  April 25, 2013
Interview with USAID's Rajiv Shah: A business-like approach to foreign aid
Foreign  May 3, 2012
Grassroots project shines hope on Nairobi slum life
The Lancet  January 14, 2012
The Famine Next Time
The New York Times  November 26, 2011
Humanitarian Response Inadequate in Horn of Africa Crisis
The Lancet  August 13, 2011
Escaping from Somalia's Famine into a Perilous Refuge
Time  August 3, 2011
Global food crisis takes heavy toll on east Africa
The Lancet  July 2, 2011
Fighting Child Malnutrition In Africa Through The Use Of Micronutrient Supplements
Health Affairs  June 2011
Afghanistan's hidden health issue
The Lancet  October 31, 2009
Malnutrition in Guatemala: A national shame
The Economist  August 27, 2009
Food Prices Will Continue to Rise Around the Globe
Politico  July 15, 2008
Bush in food aid fight with Congress
Politico  February 7, 2008
Should the World Food Program Focus on Development?
The Lancet  June 30, 2007
Starving Season: Niger
Salon  June 13, 2006
Niger's Hunger: On the edge of famine
The Washington Post  May 16, 2006
Millions in Niger facing food shortages once again
The Lancet  May 6, 2006
Niger welcomes largest bednet distribution in history

The Lancet  May 6, 2006

Too little, too late as poverty deepens
The Irish Times  May 2, 2006
Why Did Helping Niger Take So Long?
The Lancet  September 24, 2005
Displacement is permanent for the Sahrawi refugees.
The Lancet  April 9, 2005
Businesses Find Ways To Influence World Bank Projects
Legal Times  February 22, 1999