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Chemical Industry to Fight New Proposal
Politico  September 18, 2008
Watering down of EU regulations on chemicals proves power of lobbyists
The Irish Times  January 16, 2006
Old Europe’s New Ideas
Sierra Magazine  January/February 2004
U.S. Lobbying Pays Off In Europe
National Journal  November 15, 2003
Europe whittles down plans for massive chemical testing program
Science   November 7, 2003
Business Meets Its Match
American Prospect
  July/August, 2003
Precaution Is for Europeans
The New York Times
  May 18, 2003 Sunday
Business; Europe Gets Tougher On U.S. Companies
The New York Times
  April 20, 2003 Sunday
E.U. Starts a Chemical Reaction
  April 18, 2003
Americans in Brussels. Globo-regulators: European bureaucrats have been making things hot lately for American businesses and their lobbyists
Newsweek International  Issues 2003
Lobbying, Euro-Style
The National Journal
  September 8, 2001