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Watering down of EU regulations on chemicals proves power of lobbyists
The Irish Times  January 16, 2006
Rioja And Then Some
  June 6, 2005
Santander's Trial
Forbes  March 14, 2005
Strong Points at a Telecom May Also Be a Weakness
The New York Times
  December 28, 2004

Americans in Brussels. Globoregulators: European bureaucrats have been making things hot lately for American businesses and their lobbyists
Newsweek International   2003
Banana Workers Get Day in Court
The New York Times  January 18, 2003
Europe Gets Tougher On U.S. Companies
The New York Times
  Sunday Business, April 20, 2003
Business Meets Its Match
The American Prospect
  July/August, 2003
Offshore Thing
The American Prospect  March 5, 2004
Are Lawyers the New Regulators?
The National Journal  August 30, 2003
Profits At Any Price
TomPaine  Sep 22 2003
Motorola’s $2 billion turkish bath
  October 14, 2002
Smoke Screen
  July 25, 2002
Demonstrators gather at Capitol to protest indictment of firm
The Baltimore Sun
  March 22, 2002
Business Eyes Tax Break On Foreign Profit Measure Could Mean Billions For Financial Services Concerns
Legal Times
  February 26, 2001
Bank Lobby Puts Heat On Fannie Mae
Legal Times
  July 17, 2000
Getting it done; Citicorp, Travelers amass army of lobbyists to push merger through; With billions at stake, Citicorp and Travelers pull out the stops to get past '30sera regulations preventing their merger plan
Legal Times  October 31, 1998
Called to account on derivatives
Legal Times  May 4, 1998